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Amateur Culinary Programs

Course Duration: 4-7 weeks (depending on the course)

Days/Week: Four (4)

Our Amateur Culinary Programs certificate courses focus either on regional cooking or a particular theme. They are specifically created to provide comprehensive training, starting from the basic ingredients to a full menu. The courses target students with little time in hand and interest in learning a particular cuisine or theme.

We provide hands-on experience while training, which is ideal for students, housewives, executives and anyone interested in cooking. The Theme Course offers lessons on traditional, modern and creative cuisines encompassing both Indian and international delicacies.

  • North Indian Delights

    Introduction to the cuisine of North India with emphasis on the popular restaurant dishes.


  • Southern Aromas

    Introduction to the cuisine of South India and the specialities from the four southern states.


  • Awadhi Treasures

    Learn how to make the delicious delights of the Awadh region – Lucknow and the surrounding areas.


  • Desi Tadka

    Discover and make regional specialities from the four corners of India.


  • Around the World

    Introduction to the popular authentic cuisines from across the globe.


  • Continental Cooking

    Introduction to the world-renowned French cuisine with all its subtleties and nuances. Step in front of the Eiffel Tower. C’est du g√Ęteau!


  • Best Ever Italian

    From the popular pizza and pasta to the risotto and the frittatas, take a memorable trip through the Italian countryside. Mamma Mia!


  • Best Ever Mediterranean

    From the sun-drenched landscape of North Africa to the Asia Minor countries, explore the rich and diverse cuisine of the Mediterranean.


  • Best Ever Mexican

    Learn the nuances of tacos, tortillas, fajitas, enchiladas, quesadillas, tamales and, of course, the popular Guacamole.


  • Oriental Cooking

    Get hands-on experience in authentic Chinese, Thai, and also, Indo-Oriental dishes like paneer chilli, fried rice and, everyone’s favourite, chilli chicken.


  • Party Starters & Desserts (BEGINNERS)

    Get the approvals of guests the moment your savouries hit their palettes. And leave them wanting for more with delicious desserts!


  • Party Starters & Desserts (ADVANCED)

    Surprise everyone with unique hors d’oeuvre and mouthwatering dessert titbits.


  • Non-Veg Delights

    Designed specially for non-vegetarian lovers, this course teaches you dishes in fish, chicken, mutton and prawn.


  • Low Cal Cooking

    Who says healthy food has to be bland? You can pamper your tastebuds as well as watch the waistline!


  • Microwave Cooking

    Microwave is much more than a machine you use to warm milk! You’ll be surprised at all the things you can do with this innovative kitchen appliance.


  • Table Etiquettes, Table Layouts & Napkin Folding

    You can now become the perfect host! Master the correct way of presenting food and cutlery.


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