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Kids Special 2 (11-14 year-olds)

Course Duration: 12 weeks

Days/Week: Four (4)

Our Kid’s Special 2 course is a continuation of the wonderful efforts of our budding chefs in the kitchen. The level of cooking in this course is raised a little higher for the children who would now be experts in what they do in the kitchen!

The aim is to conduct a motivational activity for constructive development of the children while encouraging a love for cooking and baking. The little chefs are the only ones who are allowed to carry back the products that they make in the class for we believe that sharing their achievements motivates them to do even better.

Every child gets a complimentary apron and an academy (PBCA) bag as a part of their kit. And on the completion of the course, they would be awarded with a certificate.

Course Content:

  • Fire Free Cooking
  • Microwave Cooking
  • Fire Friendly Cooking
  • Baking
  • Table Etiquettes
  • Table Setting
  • Napkin Folding

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