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Vacation Specials

Course Duration: 7-15 days

Days/Week: Four (4)

Our Vacation Specials is designed to induce a love for cooking in the kids during the vacations. The aim is to conduct a motivational activity for constructive development. The children prepare things they enjoy to eat themselves and this gives them a sense of achievement.

This is the only course where we allow them to carry back a product (dry products only) each to share their achievements with pride. All children get a complimentary apron and the academy (PBCA) bag as a part of their kit. At the completion of the course, they will be awarded with a certificate.

Course Content:

The one-month course includes the following:

  • Bakery Classes.
  • Fire Free Cooking.
  • Fire Friendly Cooking.
  • Microwave Cookery.
  • Hands on Training.
  • Motivational Activities.
  • Complimentary Table Etiquettes and Napkin folding course, etc.

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