In a nutshell, PBCA is the premier choice for building your culinary career in India. We offer a world-class culinary training experience, backed by triple certification and accreditation from LAPT, THSC, and NSDC.

Why Choose PBCA?

  1. Progression: Our programs cater to learners at all levels, guiding them towards the highest standards of professional achievement.
  2. Portability: Our qualifications are globally recognized and respected, serving as a benchmark of culinary skills worldwide.
  3. Aspirations: With PBCA, you can secure employment, earn promotions, or even grow your own culinary business.
  4. Recognition: Our qualifications hold weight among educational institutions, professional bodies, and employer associations internationally.
  5. Employability: We continuously update and develop our courses in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring relevance to the workplace and equipping our students to become true professionals.


What Sets Us Apart?

  • Hands-on training for each course, providing practical expertise
  • State-of-the-art commercial kitchens and equipment for an immersive learning environment
  • Air-conditioned classrooms and kitchens, ensuring comfort during your culinary journey
  • Limited seats per batch, enabling personalized attention and guidance
  • Detailed printed course material to support comprehensive learning
  • Wi-Fi enabled campus, fostering a technologically advanced educational experience
  • In-house café for convenience and relaxation
  • Special weekend courses designed for working individuals
  • Convenient timings to accommodate diverse schedules
  • 100% placement assistance for professional course students, opening doors to rewarding career opportunities
  • Intensive programs that lay the foundation for successful careers in the hospitality industry
  • Extensive industry network, connecting students with valuable industry insights and opportunities
  • Accreditation and recognitions that validate the quality and value of our programs


Our Courses: From Culinary Professionals to Enthusiastic Amateurs

At PBCA, we have meticulously designed our courses for both aspiring culinary professionals and passionate food enthusiasts. Our practical lab sessions, set in a lavish kitchen environment, provide a platform to master the art of culinary magic. Through thorough research, our courses empower learners to become confident cooks who don't merely rely on recipes but create their own. Gain a complete understanding of food, spices, tools, techniques, and flavors, and learn the art of cooking the right way.

Embark on your culinary journey with PBCA and showcase your love for food and cooking in a skilled and proper manner. Join us to unlock a world of culinary possibilities!

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